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  • Published: 28/04/2021 9:48 AM
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Here we have a SMART Roadster, a car that was meant to be a Classic from the start.

The Smart Roadster is a two seater two doors sports car with a very nice and typical design. There were 43091 cars ever made, this is not that much and how many are left today is hard to tell. What we like about this little fellow is the fact that the ‘reduce to the max’ philosophy is all over this design.

The Smart Roadster is not a big car at all, quite the opposite. It is a rather small car that makes use of every square inch in such a way that it makes you smile. A head turner by all means.

About this car

Not often you see a Smart Roadster as well maintained as the one we are presenting here. Overall in good condition and used in a respectful way, this Roadster is ready to find its new keeper.

On the outside

When you look at this Smart Roadster you want to absorb the beauty of this little cars design. Looking from the front it tells you, I look cute but mind you. The vertical double lights in front a little close together make it very adorable. From behind, a muscular look with these lights above and slightly bigger shoes underneath. Small doors, you wonder am I ever going to get in and out again?
Paint is good but shows some imperfections. The body panels are very well. All components are there, lights, glass, etc and in good condition. All door gaps are very good. Doors open and closes on the spot as does the hood and boot.

On the inside

Opening the really very small doors and thinking by yourself, I will never get in, you just have to have faith, slide in and there you are sitting in the roadster. All dials are there in an attractive modern setting ready for you. Everything is right where you want it to be. No more no less and all working. The bare essential, as we like it. The inside trim is good all around. Fire it up and listen to that specific sound of that three cylinder Suprex engine. 60 kW in a 790kg car that sounds like FUN. Once on the road you feel the small seats are grabbing you in place in a secure way. Cruising along or challenging every curve on the your trip, both can be done thanks to the soft-touch controlled gearbox.


Opening the motor compartment unleashes a 698cc three cylinder engine. One look at this engine and you know it is taken care of. The exhaust has the original shape and is very good. Very healthy chassis and all elements there are in good condition.


As per this moment we do not know much of the history of the little one. So we dig into that and keep you posted.

What we think

From the moment SMART designed the Roadster we knew this would be a classic. And we were not alone. Decent examples like this one are being sought after and appreciated by a growing audience. So this Roadster is not cheap but as the market evolves there is potential for the next keeper. That is if the car is well looked after as it was in the past.