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LOT FC005 Ferrari 348TS 1993


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With only 4228 examples produced, the 348 TS is a rarity on its own.

The last model developed under the direction of Enzo Ferrari himself before his death. Now this Ferrari 348 TS is ready to be passed to the next keeper.


Like all Ferrari’s the 348 TS has this magnificent design. Some will say only Italians can design a car like that. And we think we can agree with that. This is not a classic starters car. What we have here is a car for those who know classic cars and want to cherish her by using her the right way.

About this car


This Ferrari 348 TS is finished in red and has a magnificent design. As you know the TS is the Targa version and the 34 is an indication of the displacement of the engine. What is not to like about this beauty. Perfect drawn exterior lines. Sitting low, screaming speed and whispering refinement. A head turner everywhere you go. At a specific time in life everyone wants to own this 348 TS. And what’s more, this one is a first owner Belgian car with all history complete. No gaps in the history file.
Never restored, completely original, numbers matching Ferrari 348 TS.

On the outside

Park the car, get out, turn around and what do you see? Indeed, people are taking pictures of your 348 TS. Can you blame them? It’s worth taking pictures of. Beautiful design, perfect colour and lacquer in perfect condition. Attracted by the name and the design, come closer. Not a scratch on the body. This car has been well maintained all over by an owner that loves her. Look straight in front, what elegance, go to the back, superb.  The body panels are very well, no they are perfect. All components are there, lights, glass, etc and in very good condition. All door gaps are very good and original. Doors open and closes on the spot as does the hood and boot. Well here is one imperfection, the boot or engine hood is not holding in the upright position.

On the inside

Carefully opening the door or should we say opening the door with respect, you will see the interior is all original and in very good condition. Getting in, you will clean your shoes before getting in I can assure you. The smell of leather and the looks of the interior will conquer you. Once you returned back to this planet you want to fire her up. On the button she starts and the sound she makes tells you she is in great shape. A refined growl when you push the accelerator and of you go. All dials at the right place, all working. All you need to drive this car is there. The seats tell some racing family tradition and feel very insuring.

Opening the motor compartment here is a refined engine. Design in the engine bay. Every curve is thought of and every line is carefully put in place. Yes, you will want to see it. And hear it too. The perfect sound of the engine. No noise that is unnecessary. It spins like a kitten. Well actually a lion not even in disguise. The original exhaust is very good. Very healthy chassis and all elements there are in good condition.


This car has a complete history file. Being a one owner Belgian car and every maintenance is documented. We are looking further in the history and will be updating shortly.

What we think

A very good well maintained matching numbers one owner Belgian car. Need we say more. Not a bargain but by all means worth every penny.

A car for the car collector that uses his cars.