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LOT FC004 Mercedes 500 SL 1992


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  • Published: 28/04/2021 9:35 AM
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The Mercedes 500SL is a real car to enjoy.

This grand tourer sports car has a great body line and shows German quality all over.

A car respected by many of us, especially this 500 type.

About this car

This is by all means a car well maintained and ready to be driven.

Almost completely restored, with as little as 200000 km on the clock this car is meant to be used. Whenever this 500 enters a gathering, it will meet some of it’s buddies. Some 80000 were made and a lot of them luckily survived. This gives an impression of how well the car was designed as well as built. This example is one of them and will always have a keeper.

On the outside

This car has been restored some time in the past. Good job done.

The paint is good with marks of usage but very presentable. The blue colour is doing right to the design of the exterior. Might benefit of a little polish. The hood is in very good shape. And then there are these wheels. AMG wheels attract the attention even more to this beauty. And a beauty she is.

Look at the nose. Impressive, a little arrogant, tempting too. Telling the one in front to move on. Well that is to say when there is one in front. Most of us will see the backside of this lady. Speaking of the backside, gorgeous. A bid higher and very present. Ok, lets get the top down and now we see elegance all over.  Did we already mentioned that there is a hardtop included? Well there is. Also in very good condition. The body panels are very well. All components are there, lights, glass, etc and in good condition. All door gaps are very good. Doors open and closes on the spot as does the hood and boot.

On the inside

Opening the doors is an invitation to get inside. What you see is again German quality and perfect design. The dashboard is in very good condition, all dials working as they should. Getting in at the driver side you cannot resist touching the steering wheel. Wood inlay, need we say more. The seats grabbing you in place and telling you to start the car and get cruising. The seats indeed in very good condition as well. Carpets, door covers everything inside in good condition. Start her up and the grumble will make you smile. Pushing gently on the accelerator and your smile grows. The rev meter comes us smoothly and the engine tells you she is ready for the next ride.


Opening the motor compartment unleashes a huge impressive engine. What is not to like about cubic inches? It spins like a sewing machine with a very impressive growl. The exhaust is in good shape and the chassis is very healthy chassis, all elements in place and in good condition.


We are investigating the history of this Mercedes and will give more information here as soon as we get it.

What we think

This Mercedes is a well maintained and restored example. The car is ready to be used while giving the next owner some opportunities to improve. As we already mentioned we are fond of this car. The 500 is the car to have when you, like us, love huge engines. They have this character that cannot be copied by anything else. It’s not a head turner since there were many made and many still exist. Then again, by gliding alongside you will get noticed.

A very presentable car and very decent estimate too.